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International School for Homeopathic Detox Therapy and Human Chemistry

We help homeopaths around the world improve their results dramatically with their patients and make real lasting change.

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Since the start of his practice, Ton has used all his knowledge and skills in developing, further refining and providing insight into Homeopathic Detox Therapy. This treatment method forms the basis of the School of Human Chemistry. By examining the pathology and mental-emotional state together with good observation of his patients, the number of successful treatments has increased enormously. This special method brings a definite enrichment of homeopathic treatment. Ton Jansen wants to share his knowledge and experience with everyone for a healthier world.

"The opportunity to share my knowledge with my students is really rewarding and It's an absolute pleasure to work with each and every one of them"

Ton JansenFounder of Human Chemistry


Sharing knowledge is our mission

The International school for Human Chemistry & Natural Integrated Therapy is an education institute for homeopaths, founded by Ton Jansen, a classical homeopath since 1987 and developer of the Human Chemistry and Natural b
Balancing Therapy method. The mission of our webinars is to share methods and knowledge to increase your skillset and make incredible changes to your patients’ lives. Our methods have excellent results and so we consider it an absolute joy to share these practices with as many homeopaths as possible. Are you ready to take your practice to the next level? We have webinars available for all levels.
The educational programs are organised for:

The educational programs are organised for:

  • Homeopaths
  • Students of homeopathy (final year)
  • General Practitioners
  • Homeopathic physicians
Years of experience
Countries reached

Deepen your knowledge and increase your skillset

Our Webinars & Seminars are designed so that you can increase your knowledge and insights in new ways, often in quite a short amount of time. Having a thorough understanding of complex matters increases your effectiveness in healing others. Not only do we discuss the theory behind what we teach but cover the practical side of it as well. Our goal is to have you comfortable utilising these methods to improve your performance as a homeopath thereby increasing the wellness of your patients.

Webinars/Seminars we offer:
- Foundation (Pre-recorded and some live)
- Intermediate + Advanced Class (Live)
- Masterclass (Live)

Start Your Journey With Human Chemistry

Books & Webinars

Click here for all the available books and also for the webinars coming up. Please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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Training programme

Each year we hold an extensive training programme of interactive online classes. These are on a different topic each time, mostly selected by the students, as we want to address the many clinical questions practitioners can face on a daily basis.

All event times are based on London (UK) time. Our time app will show you this time in your own time-zone.

Foundation Webinars
24 August 2024

Blood 2 – Immunology, tumour markers, vitamins and allergies

In this second part of using blood tests, we will interpret the metabolic part of...

Q and A Webinars
31 August 2024

Q&A 2 – Pancreatic cancer case followed by Q&A

A second chance to bring your questions from previous webinars. The theme today is leaky...

Advanced Webinars
5 October 2024 To 6 October 2024

Hayfever and allergies

Hayfever is a condition that is expressed in the mucus membranes of the head, but...

Free Webinars
13 October 2024

Patient management of skin problems

We shall discuss how to reduce skin issues like eczema and dermatitis with a high-quality...

Q and A Webinars
19 October 2024

Q&A 3 – Homeopathic Detox Cases followed by Q&A

A third chance to send in your questions. The theme this time is back pain

Advanced Webinars
2 November 2024 To 3 November 2024

Fertility and pregnancy

In this webinar there will of course be a lot of focus on the female...

Foundation Webinars
16 November 2024

Blood 3 – Endocrinology, toxicity and beyond blood

In this final part we shall present come case examples where knowing the test results...

Q and A Webinars
30 November 2024

Q&A 4 – Fertility Cases followed by Q&A

The final chance this year to bring your questions from the webinars. The theme this...

5 December 2024 To 6 December 2024

Psychedelic drugs and schizophrenia

We will discuss the use of clearing courses of remedies for mind-affecting drugs the patient...

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