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Foundation webinar + Q&A

Foundation webinars
04 Nov
Until 04 Nov

Foundation webinar + Q&A

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Hosted by arrow_forward_ios Roger Savage

At this live Foundation webinar, we shall go through the basic aspects of Human chemistry philosophy and practice, and you will also have a chance to ask questions. Even though it’s aimed at new people, everyone will be welcome as it’s always good to over the basics again, as each time new insights are offered.

Schedule in UK time:

  • First session: 09:00-10:00
  • Break
  • Second session: 10:30-11:30
  • Lunch break
  • Third session: 13:30-14:30
  • Break
  • Last session: 15:00-16:00.
Note: These sessions continue from one to the next, all part of a one-day event  
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